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Virtual Answering Service For Physician Office

Virtual Answering Service For Physician Office

Your practice may be looking for a virtual answering service for your physician’s office, but don’t make the mistake a lot of other medical facilities make. Hiring a call center to manage your calls can cost you a lot more than you may think. Live agents are not the only way your patients can have that personal touch that is so necessary to your practice.

Cadusys is the medical community’s virtual answering service for the physician’s office. As a state of the art answering service designed specifically to be used to medical professionals, Cadusys can help you manage all of your calls with a greater level of efficiency- not just between you and your patients, but between you and your colleagues, practice associates, referring and consulting physicians, staff members and anyone else you communicate with throughout your day.

With Cadusys, it’s possible to communicate effectively with one single message, ensuring that quick and complete information is effectively shared to enable critical and precise medical decision making.

Use Cadusys to streamline your patients’ calls, so that your receptionist can take care of clerical work they were hired to do. Now your patients can have access to their test results without having to call in to check on them, and without your staff having to call out. With Cadusys’ temporary mailboxes, patients can call in at their convenience, enter the mailbox number and password they were given during their office encounter and find out the results to their test any time of the day or night, without the worry of a non-medical staff member providing the wrong results.

If you dream of running a practice void of the day to day communication issues you’re currently facing, you’re certainly not alone! In fact, that’s the number one reason why medical facilities use the virtual answering service for their physician’s office- it does for them exactly what you’ve been looking for, and it can do the same for you, all at a lot less than a live call center would cost.

Cadusys’ owner understands every practice is different, and for that reason pricing is set up to be customized for your facility. If you don’t find a service level listed below that fits your needs, feel free to call 888-223-8797 to talk about a customized plan that will provide you with the most value. Most Cadusys’ clients choose one of the following plans:

- $35 per month - Level One - 200 minutes
- $39 per month - Level Two - 300 minutes
- $43 per month - Level Three - 400 minutes
- $47 per month - Level Four - 500 minutes
- $51 per month - Level Five - 600 minutes

Each of these service levels includes patient direct calling, toll-free call forwarding telephone numbers for your practice and messaging through paging and voice.

For more information about the virtual answering service for your physician’s office, visit cadusys.com, where you’ll find everything you need to start communicating more effectively, throughout your practice, and with your patients. To speak with a specialist who can answer your questions, please call 888-223-8797.

Virtual Answering Service For Physician Office
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