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Virtual Answering Service For Doctors

Virtual Answering Service For Doctors The virtual answering service for doctors more practices are using is Cadusys- and for some very good reasons. Cadusys is able to streamline communication within your practice and beyond, allowing for more customized patient communication and more efficient information sharing between you and your colleagues, associates and staff.

How much time do you think your receptionist spends answering phone calls from patients who want their test results? If you answered ‘too much time’, you’re not alone! The fact is that your facility is probably wasting a lot of valuable resources- now Cadusys is able to eliminate issues that waste time and money.

With Cadusys’ temporary mailboxes, your patients no longer have to wait for their test results when your receptionist calls them; in fact, they will never have to call your receptionist again. Temporary mailboxes make it possible for your patients to call in at their own convenience, for quick and easy access to their results. Here’s how:

- Your office sets up temporary, secure and confident mailboxes and assigns a password to your patient.
- During your patient’s office encounter, they will be provided with the access code and the password to retrieve their test results.
- At their convenience, the patient calls the number, enters the mailbox number and password that you have provided for them, and they’ll hear their results in your staff’s friendly voice.

Cadusys eliminates the human factor of non-medical staff giving out misinformation, however, if you thought that getting rid of the human error meant an impersonal encounter for your patients, you’ll find that Cadusys is every bit as personal as your patients expect. Hearing their test results in your staff’s voice makes all the difference!

For documentation purposes, confirmation of receipts are sent to your email on a daily basis, so your patients’ charts will always be updated. Freeing up your receptionist is only the beginning- Cadusys’ virtual answering service for doctors also offers the unparalleled advantage of being able to communicate with your colleagues, associates, referring and consulting physicians, staff and others, all at your convenience, all with one single message.

As a virtual answering service for doctors, Cadusys handles your after-hours calls as well, forwarding them to your PVM Cadusys mailbox to process. Cadusys will notify you vis your land line, your cell or your pager, whichever is most convenient for you.

Whether you work at a busy clinic, hospital or allied medical practice, Cadusys will allow you to manage your calls with superior efficiency, and your calls are always stored in a secure, easy assess mailbox for you to retrieve when you want them. If you would rather have them sent to you, that’s no problem.

Call 888-223-8797 today to ask about pricing, have your questions answered or just learn more about what Cadusys can do for your practice. Eliminate the human error factor without removing the personal touch your patients are looking for. Cadusys is the affordable communication solution your practice needs. Find out more today.
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