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Physician Call Service

Physician Call Service Cadusys is the perfect physician call service for professional voice messaging that optimizes workflow for agencies in the medical profession. Now you can improve the communications throughout your practice, enhance patient care and reduce the operating costs of your agency, all from using Cadusys.

As a physician answering service, nothing works like Cadusys for after-hours patient calls. When one of your patients calls your office, their call will be forwarded to your PVM Cadusys mailbox where it will be properly processed. You can be notified of the call by whatever means is most convenient for you, whether that is through your land line, your cell phone or on your pager.

As the medical communications tool that it was designed to be, Cadusys can help you share information with your colleagues at both your and their convenience. You can also share patient information securely between referring and consulting physicians. With the unique Cadusys, with one single message, you can communicate with all of your associates without the need to complicate communication with multi-message sending.

The Cadusys physician call service will also allow you to set up temporary mailboxes for reporting test results to your patients in a secure manner. If your receptionist is currently spending a significant amount of time on the phone with patients inquiring about test results or getting back with patients with regard to test results, you’ll see a vast improvement in the amount of time that is freed-up for other clerical duties. Consider what temporary, secure mailboxes can do for your agency.

When test results are returned, your office will create a temporary mailbox and assign a password. During your patient’s office encounter, they will be provided with the means to access their test results when they come in, through the confidential and secure Cadusys system. At the patient’s convenience, they can call the access number, enter the mailbox number and password that they have been provided, and listen to their results in your own staff’s voice. Each confirmation of test result receipt will be sent to your email address for documentation.

For busy professionals working in clinics, hospitals and medical professions, Cadusys is the state of the art physician call service you’ve been looking for. Now it’s not only possible to manage the calls between associates, colleagues and your patients, it’s an affordable and effective means of streamlining your communications in a way that will save your agency time and money.

Cadusys will afford your patients the convenience of confirming their appointments, gaining quick access to their test results, reach an on-call physician for after-hours needs and much more, all while eliminating the possibility of human error.

To find out more about the nation’s #1 physician call service, please call Cadusys at 888-223-8797 and speak with a specialist who can answer your questions. You’ll find pricing, tutorials and testimonials all on the website at cadusys.com. Eliminate the negative aspects of an operator-assisted answering service- allow Cadusys to work for you.
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