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Answering Service For Doctors

Answering Service For Doctors

Cadusys is the number one answering service for doctors in the nation. When voicemail is not enough, Cadusys fills in the missing areas, so that every patient receives the highest level of customer service. If your medical agency has a large client portfolio and your receptionist finds that they are unable to manage communications effectively, Cadusys serves as a one-stop professional voice messaging patient communication system.

While many medical professionals use a call center to handle their patient communication needs, they often find that this service is quite costly. Alternately, the Professional Voice Messaging system (PVM), from Cadusys is able to manage communications for patients, as well as for your doctors, surgeons, referring and consulting doctors, staff and associates. You can access your recorded calls at your own convenience or have them forwarded to your cell phone.

With the temporary mailboxes available within the Cadusys system, your facility can set up test results mailboxes for your patients who can call at their convenience and access results any time of the day or night with the access number and password provided to them. They’ll appreciate being able to listen to their results in your staff’s voice, and your office will appreciate the incredible amount of reclaimed time that will positively impact your bottom line.

Now, instead of your office having to call each patient when test results have returned, your patients will be provided with everything they need during their office encounter so that they will have prompt confirmation of their results.

As well as being the perfect answering service for doctors, Cadusys is an effective means of complete communication management for your facility. If you’ve been looking for a better way to share patient care information with your associates, you’ll find the Cadusys answering service for doctors is able to greatly enhance the flow of information that needs to be shared. Cadusys also addresses many of the unique features that are essential to your practice, such as a variety of message notifications to your pager, land-based or cell phone, with complete programmability to meet your needs.

Clients of Cadusys note that the answering service for doctors is extremely easy to use and solves many of the issues facilities face day in and day out. Among the features that are most appreciated are the touch-tone telephone interfacing, its very quick ISDN lines, and menus that are interruptible during any point in the message review process.

Cadusys owner, Dr. Dempsey, understands that every practice is different; to meet the needs of each client, he is happy to work closely with you to customize a service plan that yields the most value for your practice. For more information, visit online at cadusys.com, or call a specialist from Cadusys at 888-223-8797.

You’re going to love how Cadusys is able to meet your needs. Enhance your patients’ care, improve your practice communications and reduce the operating costs of your facility, all with state of the art Professional Voice Messaging.

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